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How to play purchasing agent

User orders

Submit the product website, pay the product price and domestic freight


Panli purchasing

Contact the seller, order the goods, confirm the problem with you, and refund for shortage


Panli acceptance

After the goods arrive at Panli, we will check the goods for you and weigh them one by one


User submit shipment

Submit shipment, pay international freight and service charge


Panli delivery

Consolidation and packing of goods, inner and outer reinforcement of packages, weighing and delivery of packages


Customer receiving

Happy to receive the goods, in case of problems, contact Panli customer service

Charging standard
Total purchasing expenses
Commodity cost
Including commodity price + domestic freight
international shipping
Including customs declaration fee of RMB 8
Purchasing service fee
(commodity price + International Freight) × 10%
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Mailing restrictions
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